St Pat’s 2nd XV finish 2nd overall

With a record breaking season the Iconz coached St Patrick’s College (SPC) 2nd XV finished 2nd overall for the 2015 AIC season. SPC Rugby director Ryan Schultz said to his knowledge this is the best result ever for a SPC 2nd XV. Results were as follows:

St Pat's 2nd XV finish 2nd overall with a record of 5 wins and one loss.

St Pat’s 2nd XV finish 2nd overall with a record of 5 wins and one loss.


SPC 28 defeated PADUA 22

SPC 29 defeated Villanova 17

SPC 22 defeated St Peters 3

SPC 19 defeated SLC 10

MCA 17 defeated SPC 7

SPC 32 defeated St Edmunds 12

Overall it was a tremendous season, at the start of the year we were weak over the ball and lacked structure, in the final game vs SEC the team clicked and we ran in 4 tries in 10 minutes. It was champagne rugby… quick ball, effective cleanouts, tip-ons between forwards, strong go forward and the ball going from winger to winger.

On behalf of Iconz Rugby we would like to thank the players, parents and the Rugby staff who assisted us to have such a great season. We hope we have passed on qualities and attributes the boys can use throughout their lives and epitomize the college spirit “fight the good fight”.

2015 2nd XV Player List:

  1. Suede Watson-Feilo
  2. Lachlan Payne
  3. Waldo Coetzee
  4. Ben Duffy
  5. Tom Brookes
  6. Mitchell Horrigan
  7. Jayden Carson
  8. Riley Campbell
  9. Jack Buckland
  10. Christian Stevenson
  11. Alex Singer
  12. Terrence Casey
  13. Kosta Doueihi
  14. Nicholas Proberts
  15. Saxon Johannessen
  16. Jaydon Mielekamp
  17. Dom Bourke
  18. Jordan Davis
  19. Tai Reupana
  20. Isaac Blansjaar
  21. Finn Neil
  22. Sam Henderson




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